The Wigby lab likes science communication. We are involved in various ways to bring our work to the wider public, including via the print media and micro-blogging, but also through artistic media such as music, dance, video and contemporary art. Here’s a selection of our work, and be sure to check us out on twitter, and storify


Ellie Bath at Bright Club Oxford 2015

Ellie Bath describes the causes of maternal rage

Breaking Bio Episode 62, ft. Stuart Wigby

An interview with Stuart Wigby about fruit fly sex, aging & reproduction, and how to dance your way through your PhD

Sally Le Page on How To Be Sexy (using supernormal stimuli)

Sally Le Page’s guide to sexiness in the animal kingdom. See her other Shed Science videos on her YouTube Channel here:

Cedric Tan on Sperm Competition Between Brothers and Female Choice

Cedric Tan’s winning entry to the 2013 Dance-your-PhD competition, ft. music performed by Stuart Wigby. See Cedric’s other (award winning) videos:

Stuart Wigby – A Month Is The Life

Stuart Wigby’s contribution to Aukje Koks’ installation at the online contemporary art project “Our of Focus”


In the media

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