Jun 2019

We’ve a new review out on ‘Sperm Success and Immunity’ in Current Topics in Developmental Biology – read here

May 2019

Congrats to Ben Hopkins for passing his viva!

Mar 2019

Hot of the press, our Mol Cell Proteomics paper, lead by Irem Sepil, uses a novel quantitative proteomics method to identify new Drosophila seminal proteins.

Jan 2019

Our Nat Comms paper shows how polyandry affects sexual selection on males – great work from Ju Morimoto & the team!

Nov 2018

Our new paper in Proc B, on fly nervous system-sex effects on behaviour & lifespan, is the work of two terrific undergrad project students, Ewan & Tomoyo!

Oct 2018

We have a new paper in Functional Ecology, lead by Ellie Bath, showing how juvenile lifestyles affect adult fighting in females

Jul 2018

Read this article in the Mirror explaining the similarities between Love Island and our research on fly sex

Aug 2017

Check out Sally Le Page’s new (and first) paper, on male relatedness and familiarity, and sexual conflict in fruit flies (open access)!

Jul 2017

Welcome to Dani Edmunds, who started her DPhil studies in the fly lab today, supervised by Jen Perry and Stu Wigby.

Jun 2017

Check out our new quick guide to seminal fluid, out now in Current Biology

May 2017

Our new Nature Ecology & Evolution paper shows that sperm and sex peptide increase aggression in female flies!

Mar 2017

We did an Oxford Sparks twitter takeover! Here’s the story:

Feb 2017

Check out our new fly-sex karaoke podcast!

Jan 2017

New paper from lab alumni Cedric Tan, on his PhD work on relatedness and sexual selection in the red junglefowl

Nov 2016

Many congrats to Ju Morimoto, who successfully completed his DPhil viva and now takes up a post-doc position in Australia

Aug 2016

New paper on how insulin signalling buffers against male-induced harm published in Scientific Reports

May 2016

More congratulations for Ellie Bath who passed her viva today – nice one Dr Bath!

Mar 2016

Congratulations to Ellie Bath, who has been awarded a 3-year Junior Research Fellowship from Christ Church College, starting in October!

Mar 2016

Congrats to Sally Le Page for winning impact and public engagement awards from the Doctoral Training Program at Oxford!

Jan 2016

Welcome to grad student Lizzie Sandham, who joins the lab for a rotation project as part of the Oxford Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership

Nov 2015

Interested in doing a PhD with us? Check out the application guide on the Zoology website, and get in touch!

Sep 2015

Jun 2015

May 2015

DPhil student Sally Le Page has been in the US making amazing youtube vids with General Electric – check them out here!

May 2015

Congrats to Ellie Bath on publishing her new work on female stalk-eyed flies – condition, not eyespan, predicts contest outcome.

Feb 2015

Many congrats to Ben Hopkins who has won the ZSL Charles Darwin Award and Marsh Prize for his outstanding undergraduate research!

Jan 2015

Nice new blog post by the BBSRC about our research – read it here.

Jan 2015

Ilona Flis and Ben Hopkins are starting DPhils in the lab studying avian malaria-carrying mosquitos and Drosophila reproduction respectively. Welcome!

Nov 2014

Want to do a PhD with us? Applications now open for Environmental Research and Interdisciplinary Bioscience schemes!

Nov 2014

Nearly or recently finished PhD? Want a post doc fellowship at Oxford? Deadline 28th Nov 2014

Oct 2014

Congratulations to Ju Morimoto on passing his transfer of status viva to become a full DPhil student!

Aug 2014

Welcome to Sally Le Page who joins the fly lab for her BBSRC funded DPhil – and catch her performance at Green Man festival this weekend!

Mar 2014

Welcome to Irem Sepil, who joins the lab as a BBSRC funded post-doc.

Jan 2014

NERC iCASE PhD on genetic control of Hawaiian avian-malaria mosquito vectors with me, @Oxitec & @Pirbright_Inst

Nov 2013

Cedric Tan’s Sperm Competition video is through to the finals of Dance-Your-PhD 2013. Vote for your favourite now!

Oct 2013

5 year post-doc available from 31/03/14 on Ageing and seminal protein-mediated sexual selection:

Sep 2013

Media picks up on our “Selflessness is sexy” paper in BMC Evol Biol. Daily Mail, Independent, Men’s Health

Jun 2013

Stuart Wigby published a new review in Trends in Ecology and Evolution – “The Seminal Symphony: how to compose an ejaculate”

May 2013

Stuart Wigby has been awarded a BBSRC David Phillips fellowship (worth £1.35m) to study male reproductive ageing and sexual selection.

May 2013

Paper on ageing and inbreeding published in Evolution by Cedric Tan and Stuart Wigby

Mar 2013

Congratulations to Juliano Morimoto who has been awarded a Brazian CNPq scholarship to begin DPhil studies in October 2013

Mar 2013

Stuart Wigby has been awarded £7500 from the John Fell Fund to study quantitative proteomics of fruit fly seminal fluid.

Feb 2013

Congratulations to Cedric Tan for passing his DPhil viva starting a postdoc with Tom Pizzari.

Oct 2012

Welcome to Rhodes Scholar Ellie Bath, who beings a DPhil with Nat Seddon, Joe Tobias and Stuart Wigby